Ugljan Island

Villa Lavanda Zadar Ugljan
The island of Ugljan is an integral part of the Zadar archipelago and also the closest island to the city of Zadar, from which it is only a few kilometers away. The undulating plateau that fills the interior of the island has tens of kilometers of hiking and biking trails, and its colors, scents and panorama leave every passer-by an unforgettable picture.
On the island of Ugljan, you will surely find a corner for yourself where you will indulge in the charms of the Mediterranean. The island of Ugljan, in addition to being ideal for swimming, sunbathing and gastronomic pleasures, also offers numerous opportunities for active holidays (diving, hiking, recreational running and walking and cycling). Don't forget to visit the beautiful city of Zadar with many historical sights, surrounding islands such as Pašman, and national parks eg. (Kornati) and nature parks eg. (Telašćica on Dugi Otok)